The iconic rough edge, open knot holes, and irregularities of live edge furniture have become a fixture of high end furniture design. However, it was not always that way. The trend has seen an uptick since 1946 when George Nakashima showcased live edge pieces in his series for Knoll

Since then the style has become more and more popular. 



In fact, Ellen even has a live edge piece! 


Live Edge furniture can take many forms. For example, you can create a table out of a "bookmatched" set. This is where a two almost identical boards from the same tree are inverted, so that the live edges run parallel. 


Sometimes, the bookmatched pieces are arranged with the live edge facing inward. This is particularly popular among conference room tables. Sometime the space between each half is filled with clear glass. 

Other times, a live edge top will all be one continues piece of wood with the bark edge running along each side, and even on three sides such as with this coffee table. 

Live edge furniture is beautiful, but it is also special. It is special because every single piece is 100% unique. There isn't another piece like it on earth. 

At Knot & Ore we source all of our live edge pieces from Eastern Pennslvania. We use walnut, oak, elm & box elder among others. All of our live edge tops are American hardwoods.