c. emlan urban 

C. Emlan Urban, an iconic architect from Lancaster, PA in the late 1800's and early 1900's, designed many of the most impressive structures in the city, including the Central Market Building & the Lancaster Courthouse.



This collection focuses on the raw & elemental characteristics of the materials. The Rustic Oak top has exposed knots, gouges and planing grooves. The steel frame and edging appear unfinished, save a clear coat to preserve the surface. The welds, knots, and other imperfections of this set add to its historic & character laden appearance. 

Dimensions: 40W x 96L x 31H"


Rustic Oak 

Oak is perhaps the most venerable of all American hardwoods for furniture manufacturing. It has been immortalized in the classic Shaker style among Amish manufacturers for decades.

The C. Emlan Urban Collection has a new twist on this standard species. The oak is preserved in an elemental state and finished with a dark Ebony stain. 


Exposed Metal

The metal edging with embedded rivets adds stability and imperturbability to the style. The exposed welds and natural steel finish accentuate the rough-hewn characteristics of the oak top.