end-to-end design


Getting it on paper

the first step in the design-build process at Knot & Ore is conceptualizing the customer's needs. Sometimes this process is driven by a specific piece of wood, such as our Live Edge collections. Other times, the process focuses on a particular room or setting that the piece will be showcased within. Whatever the case, we sit with our customers or their interior designer or architect to sketch out the rough concept. 

3d Design

After the initial rough concepts are developed, we "build" the complete set in high resolution 3D. This allows you to visualize how your completed furniture will look, before it is actually built. Sometimes dimensions and spatial arrangements look differently in our minds than in reality, and our 3D program helps to identify these design changes before the piece is built. 

final product

Because the Knot & Ore team is actually building the piece of furniture that we have designed, its truly an end-to-end experience for the customer.