p. lorillard tobacco company 

Pierre A. Lorillard founded the Lorillard Tobacco Company in 1760, and it remains as the oldest tobacco company in the nation today. In 1920, the company purchased the P. Lorillard Tobacco Warehouse, located at 53 West James Street, in Lancaster. The building is a local icon of the industrial era, exemplifying the period with a symmetrical design, clean lines, and historic red brick. 



Clean and Simple. This collection is more subtle and graceful than some of our more forthright urban collections. The powder coated metal finish is consistent and stable. The heavy butcher block top lends credence to this established, understated design. 

Dimensions: 42W x 84L x 32H



The rich walnut that is used for the top of this piece is more smooth & finished than some of our more rustic designs. The Harvest stain contrasts eloquently with the silver metal base. 



The metal base of this collections is our classic silver color. This is a powder-coated finish, meaning that the metal has gone through a multi-step process to give an even, consistant and very durable coating.