a vision of fusion

The team at Knot & Ore seeks to fuse wood with metal, urban designs with rural style, and new technology with time-honored craftsmanship techniques. 

Combining current styles & trends with old fashioned & traditional product quality. 

Handcrafted in Lancaster, PA. 


Our team 

Our team is comprised of people with different experiences and backgrounds in wood, metal, design & marketing. 


Steve Riehl

Steve has a lifetime of craftsmanship under his belt, and he focuses on the woodworking side of Knot & Ore. Design, species selection, surface finishing and varnishing are all steps which Steve is directly involved in. 

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Amos Stoltzfus 

Amos has spent 15+ years in custom metal fabrication. His primary wheelhouse is designing, welding, and finishing exquisite metal frames and bases for Knot & Ore.



jonathan miller  

Jonathan focuses primarily on marketing, strategy, and lifestyle. He has a background in furniture marketing & developing wholesale distribution networks.